My Recycollage© workshops are a civical, ecological and creative experiences. The adventure unfolds as follows:

  • Taking a group walk in a natural environnement (forrest, beach, moutain, city's parks) while collecting and selecting the rubbish we want to use for artistic purpose (and throwing away the rest).

  • Creating Collages using the found waste and some tools like scissor, tape and colors.

  • Have a final reflection on the creative process.


Approximate Duration: 3H / Contact me for Prices and availability: +34644138012 I

Recycollage #4 Training for Prisons' Art workshop faciliators from association "Tallers artístics presons".

1h walk in the beautiful surroundings of Montseny`s Forrest, followed by a workshop in "Taula de cultura de Sant Esteve de Palau Tordera". I had the pleasure to witness a very healthy debate after observing the creations, considering if some of the faciliators might use the workshop insitu with the inmates. February of 2022

Recycollage #1 Collserola Edition. June of 2021

Workshop in "EscolaXiprer" in 2019. Barcelona. Collecting rubbish around school and making a collective collage with it.

1st workshop in 2018. Toulouse. Prototype. "Une affaire de famille".